About the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

Forcemain Alignments

The new pumping stations will bring wastewater from Walworth south along Ontario Center Road, to O’Neil Road to the Macedon Pump Station.  The Macedon pump station will pump all Macedon and Walworth flows easterly through the Macedon forcemain along Quaker Road north of the canal.  Wastewater coming from Marion will be conveyed south through a forcemain under Route 21.  Both forcemains will discharge at the new wastewater treatment plant site.  

How will this affect me as the user?

Project capital cost impacts, as currently estimated, are being addressed by each community, and most will be phased in over the next few years. Once the project is complete, the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs will be implemented by the WCWSA, eliminating the O&M costs associated with each plant. A typical residential user can expect to see charges in two categories – a capital charge that will appear on annual tax bills and an O&M charge. Until the project is completed in 2025, the Town will continue to bill you directly for O&M. After that, the WCWSA will bill you quarterly for O&M to keep each community’s plant running. A long-term reduction in O&M costs is anticipated as a direct result of the regional approach.

Upon completion of the project, users can anticipate paying approximately $720/year under the regional approach, compared to more significant costs resulting from each community pursuing individual projects. The outcome of the regional approach will result in long-term savings to all of the involved communities.